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I started teaching in 1998 and am constantly trying to improve my trade.  I am looking for anything out there that will get my students excited or at least engaged in mathematics.  I am going to use this blog site as a place to journal about my successes and probably failures in teaching along with problems that I am searching for along the way.  I enjoy mathematics just for the feeling of accomplishment when I learn something new . . . however, for most people mathematics is just a tool to get a job done and math teachers cannot lose sight of that foundational purpose.  Learning to be a mathematical problems solver can literally feed your family, and pull you out of the depths of poverty.   This picture above is how I see myself.  I am running a 613 scrapper. Every summer I move dirt for my father in law along with truck driving and farming for my father.  All of these professions require a deep practical understanding of mathematics, and as technology moves forward in these professions, so does the mathematical complexity.  In trucking for instance should a driver use super singles for the fuel savings?  Will you save enough money in fuel to pay for the initial investment?  How much does it cost to dig a hole 100ft X 100 ft X 14 ft feet deep and move that dirt 1/4 mile away?  Can you irrigate a crop with 13 acre-inches of water?  How much does it cost to pump this much water each year? All of these questions are accessible to all of my students, whether they believe they can do it or not.

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2 thoughts on “Mr. Schaben

  1. I love your work! Any chance I can get the geometry course as a moodle backup so I can use it with my class (with appropriate kudo’s to you of course)?

  2. I read a comment you left on Dan Meyer’s blog about a box. I was tossing this idea around and wanting to throw it out to my Algebra 3 class as a precursor to polynomial functions. I was just wondering what happened. Did they find the polynomial function? Did you do anything else with it after that?

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