Teaching More Students Online

I am currently uploading all of my video library to Youtube.  Last night I noticed that I teach more students online than I teach in my classroom.  I average more than 100 views per day (with a 60% retention rate)  so 60 people actually watch the entire video out of those 100 that initially click, and that number is growing steadily.  I have been watching some of my early videos and they are pretty bad, but I need to make some more.  It is pretty cool to get comments from students all around the world.  Apparently I am very good at explaining the conversion of Degrees minutes and seconds to decimal degrees.  I get about 10,000 hits every 30 days on this video alone.  So if you are a teacher or want to show some skill you have to the world I encourage you to place your videos on the web.  It does not have to be youtube, but it could be anywhere.  There are becoming a ton of options out there for spreading your talents around the world.

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