Land Conservation and The Mathematics of Area

The problem – We have a field that currently uses gravity fed irrigation (the lighter colored field in the center of the picture).  This mode of irrigation is very wasteful, and so a more efficient center pivot irrigation system needs to be put in place.  Design a center pivot irrigation system for the field below.  Your design must utilize exactly the amount of irrigated acres available.  Additional irrigated acres are not allowed and utilizing less than is currently there will loose you money!!

Once the designs are completed we will do a cost analysis of their designs.  Prices to consider.  Each Center pivot costs approximately $50,000.  Running electricity and water pipe from the well to the center point $7.00 per linear foot.

Transferring dry land to irrigated acres costs $50 per acre.   Transferring pasture to irrigated costs $500 per acre.

Consultant fee for asking the teacher a math related question- $1,000 per question answered. (an idea to make it more lifelike).

When we are done with this project I will post some of their plans after Christmas.

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