Creating My Geometry Curriculum

At Arapahoe all of my students have their own computer, and so giving an assignment out of a text seems pointless.  Especially when there is Excel, Google Docs, Google sketchup, Google Earth ,the internet, Geogerba, and a host of other computer based technologies that I should be using instead.

In the digital age what possible use is there for old math books. Here is one use - propping our solar cookers.

So I set up my assessments first, based on the local, and state curriculums.  How I progress my students through my assessments came from Dan Meyer and his blog dy/dan. I hope I can work in some of his patient problem solving problems along the way and create some problems that come from good story telling.  Geometry is where I begin.  For the most part my assignments will have four main parts.  An ACT or standardized test prep question or two, a Geogebra construction problem, practice of the concept (this may include an algebra connection of some kind), and a patient problem solving problem according to Dan Meyer.  (Sorry for the oversimplification UNL) At UNL these are called Habits of Mind problems.  A problem that relates the concept of the day to mathematical experimentation.  I probably won’t do as well as Dan or UNL, but will be trying to fit problems with my students and what I feel they need to be successful citizens in the future.  The Moodle page where all of this will be slowly coming together is at Arapahoe Geometry  Enter and agree to terms.  I have concept 1 done, and have started on concept 2.  I will be using several texts as guides, as well as geogebra and any and all of the internet.  Most content and problems I will create myself.  But feel free to take a look and critique and add suggestions.  I just know that next year, I will feel like a total failure if we crack a book.  I want everything to come from our new digital world.  Wether I made it or organized it for them to easily find.  One down approximately 59 to go.

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